Investor legitimation with the POSTIDENT procedure

Some of the products and services we provide require legitimation. In cooperation with Deutsche Post, we offer you the opportunity to legitimize yourself easily and conveniently online using the POSTIDENT procedure.

Prerequisites for legitimation via video chat:

  • Micrphone / Webcam
  • Mobile phone for TAN reception
  • Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Identity card (passport or ID card) with holographic feature
  • additionally when using smartphone or tablet: POSTIDENT VIDEO App

How it works:

1. start the procedure with our link to the POSTIDENT portal
2. complete your data and continue the process
3. select Identification via desktop or app
4. follow the instructions of the call center employee

If you do not have an ID card with a holographic feature, you can identify yourself using the classic POSTIDENT procedure in a post office. On the POSTIDENT page, which can be reached via the following link, you will also find our prepared POSTIDENT coupon, which you can print out and present to an employee at your post office.