We provide the regulatory framework for your activities

AHP – The Financial Service Network

AHP Capital Management GmbH was founded in 2011 as a Bafin regulated financial services provider and sees itself as a network of financial service providers offering financial products within the framework of investment advice or financial distribution under a single regulatory umbrella. AHP provides regulatory hosting to network partners via a tied agent arrangement.


Focus on Professional Investors

The products and services offered by our network partners are mainly focused on institutional clients (eligible counterparties) and professional investors (family offices, foundations). The more than 30 network partners concentrate either on advising on and structuring of financial products or are product distributors who also sell a wide range of external products.

Network Synergies through a Combination of Product and Sales Partners

Especially the combination of product- and sales partners enables ideal synergies for our network partners. Distributors are regularly provided with new product ideas and the product partners gain access to the distribution channels of our specialised distribution partners. The informal cooperation within the network offers great potential for both sides.

Europe-wide Distribution for International Partners 

Our network is also open to international partners looking for regulatory setup in the EU to distribute their products throughout Europe. AHP is already passported into a large number of countries in the European Union.

Clear cost and time advantages compared to conventional regulated setup 

Our network saves international partners in particular the tedious and often time consuming process of optaining their own license. The variable fee structure, provides great cost advantages when setting up European sales activities using AHPs framework, especially in the initial phase. In addition, the international partners also benefit from the synergies of the network.

Decades of Experience significantly increase Chances of Success  

AHP's management team has decades of experience in the banking and financial world. This provides not only an excellent understanding of the services and products offered, but also the opportunity to arrange targeted contacts within and outside the network.

We are open for new Partners 

If you want to sell your financial products in the EU or are looking for a partner for structuring a financial product or want to be self-employed with your own idea in the financial sector, then please contact us. Our competent team his happy to help with individual solutions.

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