If you want to initiate a new investment fund or start a career as placement agent or if you just aim to reduce the organisational burden of your existing setup than we are the right partner for you.
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Blue Earth Capital (EU) GmbH
Generation Europe GmbH
Kingstone Capital Advisory GmbH
Collateral Good Ventures Invest GmbH
HA-VA Verwaltungsgesellschaft GmbH
AENU Advisor GmbH
Aristoteles GmbH
Portfolio Advice GmbH
SDG Investments GmbH
Sierra Capital GmbH
Honovi Invest GmbH
Dr. Hengster, Loesch & Kollegen GmbH
Ethius Invest Europe GmbH
COI Partners Financial Services GmbH
ESG Portfolio Management GmbH
ICA Institutional Capital
Stableton Financial (Germany) GmbH
Natango Invest gmbH
up2invest GmbH
Impact Capital GbmH
RAM Strategies GmbH
Stableton Financial (Germany) GmbH
51 North Capital GmbH
NOWUS Finance GmbH
Aviditi Capital Advisors Europe GmbH
Woodman Europe GmbH